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    Job Headline:
    This position is located in Eastern Canada. A safe, clean town of approximately 15,000, ideal for families, with a wide variety of recreational, educational and cultural opportunities. The catchment area is 110,000.
    The Mental Health unit has 20 beds with three psychiatrists sharing the workload and on-call duties. As part of a multi-disciplined mental health team the psychiatrists work along side a dedicated team of psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and occupational therapist with both an inpatient team as well as with a community based adult and medicine mental health team.
    The psychiatrist would consult and liaison with all other specialists on a routine basis; get referrals from General Practitioners in the community and periphery; hold clinics Monday to Friday ( a work week of 37.50 hours); inpatient care; on-call duties.
    The pay scale will be in accordance with the Department of Health and Community Services Specialist Salary Scale. The salary range for this position is from $150,252 to $180,303 per annum. The psychiatrist will be placed on the appropriate step of the scale once the Department of Health and Community Services in accordance with Provincial Guidelines have officially determined it. The psychiatrist would be entitled to retention bonuses after every 12 months of service 12 months $8000, 24 months $16,000 and 36 months $24,000. An additional bonus of $3750 is also available.
    All physicians are required to complete a six-month probationary period with Central Health. After three months the senior staff physician will review your performance and again at six months.
    A telephone interview or two will be conducted and possibly a site visit offered. Health Authority offers three months rent free housing if an apartment available or up to $700 per month for three months to cover off rental expenses; a car allowance of $2500 is offered to recruits outside of North America; the annual license fee and CMPA fee are paid for every year if salaried. All these benefits are subject to increase. Interested candidates who hold a CAPR score of 6 or higher please contact

    Please contact:
    CanAm Physician Recruiting Inc.
    Office: 1-902-883-7426
    Fax: 1-902-482-3434
    A CanAm website CAPR scor of min 6. PCRC
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